Monday, January 23, 2012

Tim Tebow a below average quarterback with a way above average following.

Tim Tebow a below average quarterback with a way above average following.
( Why?!! )

Sense when is being below average something to be celebrated? As a person Tim Tebow appears to be a well above average man. However as a NFL quarterback Tebow has shown nothing but very below average ability to play QB in this league. The question to ponder here is how in a league where you are judged by performance can a quarterback who completes under 40% of his passes be so highly celebrated? And before you say he win let's remember he lost 3 of his last 4 games and looked horrible in the losses. Heck he looked pretty bad in his team's wins too.

The Denver Broncos took the AFC west with a 8&8 record, losing their last three game to back into the division title. This is not to say Tebow didn't have something to do with Denver winning their division, but how much is up for debate. And debated is has been all season. You are either a hater or lover there's is no in between on the subject of Tim Tebow. Most experts see Tebow as a great competitor and a born leader, however bad throwing form and happy feet add up to a slim chance at becoming a franchise quarterback. Other see him as a over hyped QB with little or no upside to become an franchise quarterback. How would you like to be sitting in John Elway or John Fox seat? Tebow backers see him as an unappreciated talent who just deserve a chance to play, forget the fact he can't throw a football consistently or the fact the broncos had to dumb down their offense to fit his ability to play quarterback.

I fall on the over hyped side of the debate. Tebow has shown very little in his starts that leads me to believe he has the ability to improve enough to become an NFL ready let along a franchise quarterback in this league. There is no doubt that Tim Tebow is a competitor and and fighter and will take a big hit for his team. But as we've seen in this season of passing quarterbacks, if you can't consistently hit open receivers you become a liability to your team's offense.I know there are backers of Tebow who thinks all he needs is time to improve and that his leadership will get him by until the improvement comes. I think we've seen enough to know this is as good as it gets with this young QB, so time is not the answer however a position change might prolong his career in the NFL.

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