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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

So much to do, so little time

So much to do, so little time

With the end of the NFL lockout here it's time to turn our attention to which teams in the league have done their homework and are best prepared to take on one of the biggest test in NFL history. How can you squeeze four months of work into two or three weeks ( signing your own free agents, rookie free agent signing, signing drafted rookies, and trying to sign free agents that might help your team ) not to mention getting players into camp and ready to start the 2011 season. This is a huge mountain to climb and not even the best teams in the league can be fully expected to know how to handle something this league never seen before.

There is going to be a lot of mistakes made over the next few weeks, as teams find time is not on their side with only 14 days between reporting to training camp and their first preseason game. A lot of teams will be force to sign veteran players they might think twice about just to fill rosters spot. With the lockout all but destroying this year's rookies class chances of being any help this coming season, Christmas has come early for a lot a veteran players who might find it hard to make any roster next season. So fans will get a sense of which teams in the NFL made the most of the unwanted time off the lockout gave them.

In my opinion there is only a hand full of teams in the NFL with the ability to withstand the free-for-all that's going to take place over the next two or three weeks. The Green Bay Packers, Pittsburg Steelers, New England patriots, and the Baltimore Ravens. Theses four teams have very solid systems in place and with so much to do and little time to get it done they seem to be miles in front of the other teams in the league. With rosters coming back basically in tack, they can come out running. It's not that they don't have decision to make, however their's are minor compared to other teams looking at free agency to shape their rosters for the coming season. NFL football is back!! So let's see how many teams can pass a test that may never be seen in sports again.

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

No chance

Minnesota Vikings - - San Francisco 49ers - - Tennessee Titans
Carolina Panthers - - Buffalo Bills - - Cleveland Brown
Seattle Seahawks - - Miami Dolphins - - Jacksonville Jaguar
Arizona Cardinals - - Washington Redskins - - Cincinnati Bengals

You would like to think as a fan when a season start's your team has a chance to win, however how would you as a fan feel knowing your team has no chance of winning going into a season? Now this can be said of all sports fans in all of sports, but NFL football adds another level of pressure for it's fan because of the 16 game schedule. In major league baseball or NBA basketball a four of five game losing streak is not the end of a season for most of it's teams and fans. But in the NFL if your team go's on that kind of losing streak in almost all cases season over see you next year. There's a lot of reasons teams fail to make it to the top of the mountain, ( ownership, coaching, injuries, or maybe personnel ) regardless of the reasons, being a fan of a team with no chance of winning is very painful.

As a die hard Packers fan for over 40 years, I remember the Packer team's of the 70's and 80's who had little or no chance of winning. 20 seasons only two playoff appearance and only three winning season. So i know what it feel like to be a fan of a team you know can't win. I've listed 12 teams I believe have no chance of winning this coming season and most of them have a common theme quarterback. Of the 12 teams three of them have QB's who have show the promise they might be able to win in the NFL. ( Cleveland's Colt Mccoy, Jacksonville's, David Garrard, and Buffalo's Ryan Fitzpatrick ) But theses three teams have a lot more to overcome then QB.

For anyone who has read my blogs you know what I think of the quarterback position. Without a bonafide leader at that position you just can't win consistently. I could have added a few more teams to my list but decided on my bottom 12. This whole CBA lockout mess has all but guarantee's a very bad season of football for a lot of teams in the NFL, and theses 12 teams in particular will be hit hardest this coming season. There is always a surprise team or two that pop up every season, however I don't think it will be coming out of this group of 12 teams on my list. So to the fans of any team on my list I feel your pain.

Brought to by: AJ Jones from Cambridge
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