Thursday, April 14, 2011

Destined For Greatness

Destined For Greatness

( Will Aaron Rodgers take that next step to NFL greatness? )

There is no such thing as a sure bet in pro football, however Aaron Rodgers just may be the closes thing to fast money as you can get. After three seasons as the starting Quarterback of the Green Bay Packers; Rodgers has gone from the guy who replace a Packer's living legend in Brett Favre, to possibly the most dangerous Quarterback in the NFL. With a strong pinpoint laser arm and feet nimble enough to someday get him an invite to appear on dancing with the stars, Rodgers has put the whole national football league on notice that he will be a force to deal with for years to come. After setting a NFL record by recording 4000 yards seasons in his first two years as a starting Quarterback and missing a third by less than a hundred yards. Rodgers did something his predecessor had not accomplished is his Hall Of Fame career ( win a Super Bowl MVP ) with his near perfect performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.

One could see how it might easy for Rodgers to get caught up in all the hype that's been coming his way, after having just reach the pentacle of any young Quarterbacks's dreams. No only playing in and winning a Super Bowl Championship, but also taking home an MVP award to boot. However as most of us who tune in and witnessed on draft day 2005, Rodgers had that look and let it be known that he would not let any of the 20 teams who passed on him in the first round ever for get they under valued his talent. So after having in my opinion a Pro Bowl coming out season in 2008, Rodgers even had Chicago Bears fans who were counting the days until # 4 Retired; believing lighting was about to strike twice in Green Bay WI.

Rodgers not only proved to all cheesehead nation but also to a lot of NFL expert na- Sayers that Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy were right to give him the keys to the car. So after what has to now look to him like a small bump in the road on draft day, and after handling a Quarterback controversy that could have turn into an all out turf war with nothing but class. Aaron Rodgers who now has one championship belt around his waist, has put his self in a position to give the fans of Green Bay something they haven't seen in the team's story history, Back to Back Hall of Fame Quarterbacks.

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  1. Back to back Hall of Fame quarterbacks....I like the sound of that! Can't wait for the draft. Great post, keep them coming!

    Go Pack!

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