Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lockout here football put on hold

Lockout here football put on hold

With the lockout here and football put on hold for awhile, the question you have to ask yourself, if it take's a few months to resolve the CBA joke of what is called negotiation,witch has turn into a prime time soap opera (sorry Deion) is how many teams will have a realistic chance to win the Super Bowl? After taking a long hard look at all the teams in the NFL, I could only come up with a handful of teams,who if this work stoppage go's late into spring or early summer have any chance to win the biggest game in football.

Green bay
New York jets
New York giants
New England

The one thing all these teams have in common, all have very good Coaches,and QB's you know you can win with.The questions surrounding these teams have for the most part been answer.Not knowing how long the lockout will last,puts a huge premium on having a lot of your Pisces in place for the next season.Every team has holes to fill,These teams are just in a better situation to over come the short preparation time you will get if there's a long lockout.

Green Bay and Pittsburgh are one year removed from playing in Super Bowl, with pretty much the same team coming back. Having just been there helps them greatly, plus they,re real good. The Jets even with Rex Ryan as their coach have a winning edge to them.The Giants and Eagles finds way to win year after year,and their offenses can help them get out fast to start the season. New England out of the six will have the hardest time, Tom Brady always give you a chance to win,their offense will be hard to stop,but their D is young and makes way to many mistake for them to be at the top of the list.The Colts with Payton Manning you would think will have a great chance,but as we saw last season they have big question on both sides of the ball.

The other teams in the NFL all have huge problems that only time on the field can answer.Dallas took 3 steps back, who know's if they can turn it around when the lockout ends. Atlanta getting blown out at home in the playoff's,leave's you wondering, how good are they really?Than you have Baltimore, Chicago and Kansas City all with nice parts in place,but QB's you don't know if you can win with.Tampa Bay, Oakland, Detroit all turn corners last year, but how good can they be without the extra work needed in the off season. The rest of teams have way to many questions that can only be answer on the practice field, So a work stoppage kills those team.So if this lockout go's anywhere near summer in 2011 you can look forward to a long season for a lot of teams in the NFL. If you are a fan of one of the handful on my list,2011 could be your team's year.

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  1. First of all your full of it concerning your NFL teams for next year and who's in good shape and bad shape and secondly how about you keep your NFL spam off LSU boards...nerd

  2. Hey anonymous... The funny part about your statement is that you are really upset that he didn't mention a team that you are interested in watching next season. This blogger isn't just some rando posting his opinions on the LSU board he is the father of a kid who is going to bring another championship to LSU baseball this year. I am sorry you may not agree with his post but realize you are not responding to a"nerd" you are responding to someone who is in my opinion a damn near professional that in my opinion knows what he is talking about. It seems to me that you may need to grow up!

  3. You all need to get a life the Atlanta Falcons will be taking it all