Saturday, March 19, 2011

Tedy is way out of line with his remarks.

Tedy is way out of line with his remarks.

I am a fan of Tedy Bruschi, he dose a great job on ESPN,was a great Player in his day. But his take on the college Players not going to and being part of the draft is way out of line. He has no right to ask these young men to stay away,and I don't know why he think's it's in good taste to do so.

You're not just asking these players to stay away,but also their parents who deserve this day as much as the players.To tell these kids their letting down the players union by going to the draft is gutless and mean.These 15 to 20 young men have worked their butt's off in college to get to this point of hearing their names called,and walking across that stage so not only can they can be proud of all the hard work they put in,but also their parents can be proud of them.So the parents and the friends watching on TV can remember when they were just boys and it was one of their dreams to be on that stage.

This fight the Players and Owners are having over the CBA negotiation will hit them right between the eyes 24hrs later,when they wake up with a hat,a jersey and no contract or team to report to because of the lockout.

So let these guys be little boys for one more day. Please?


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