Thursday, June 2, 2011

Out of season out of mind

Out of season out of mind

The one thing that American sports has on other country is that we have three main sports we can follow season to season. ( baseball, basketball, and football ) So with that being said it's easy to see why NFL football hasn't been at the forefront of a lot fans minds. Could you imagine what it might be like in Europe if soccer's was taken from there fans. Soccer's is a year around passion for their fans, so if there was a lockout in that sport there would be a huge fan uprising. Now I'm not saying we don't have year around die hard football fans in this country, ( i'm one ) but on a percentage basic most fans follow sports season to season.

I don't see fans really getting involved in this hold CBA mess until mid July when training camp is suppose to start. Then and only then will NFL owners and players feel the full anger from sports fans. It's nice to have other sports to fall back on, but this fight over the control of a billion dollars will not end until not only the die hard football fans, but also the seasonal fans let it be known now there's going to be a huge price to pay for greed and selfishness.

The NFL owners were counting on the out of season out of mind mentality from fans As they tried their bullying tactic on players with this lockout. Fans have a huge voice in how this might end and the time is now to let it be heard. This may be the only time that fans can make an impact on all three major sports; because after the NFL is finally done with their CBA negotiation's the NBA and MBL will follow with their's CBA negotiations over the next year. How fans deal with the lockout in the NFL will have a direct affect on the upcoming CBA negotiations in the NBA and MBL. Don't believe for a Second that theses two league are not paying close attention to fan reaction in the NFL. If out of season out mind works for the NFL they will try the same thing in their negotiations too!!!

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