Wednesday, June 1, 2011

NFL owners and players need to shut up and make this deal happen!!

NFL owners and players need to shut up and make this deal happen!!

The one thing the NFL lockout has showed us over the last 20 days or so is that owners and players have way to much time on their hands. There has not been a day that has gone by where someone from either side hasn't say something just plain dumb. Instead of letting the people they are paying tons of money to do their jobs of trying to find a meeting point to get a deal done and the NFL season back on track. But every-time Owners and Players have a mike is put in front of their faces they feel the need to take shot after shot at one another as if they want this war over money to never end.

There has been way to much time spent on name calling and false actuation, than throw in words like slavery and cartels used to describe theses CBA negotiations you can see why both sides should just shut their mouth's and let the people who supposedly know what their doing work on getting a deal done, instead of putting out their fires. As long some owners try to portray players as spoil little boys asking for more candy which by the way is a blatant lie ( players were happy with the deal they had in place ) theses two sides will stay a billion dollars apart.

The only thing we should be hearing from both sides is we're doing all we can to end the lockout. As their June 3 court date approaches to finally put to rest the legality of the owners imposed lockout of it's players, there should be only one thing on both the owners and players minds; how they might come together to ends this lockout. Not what can I say to get under the other side's skin.

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  1. You are right. The ego of a professional athlete and a billionaire are as big as they come. Neither side wants to be "disrespected" by the other.