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McCarthy The right coach at the right time

McCarthy The right coach at the right time

If history has taught us anything it's taught us that timing is everything. In the case of a small blue collar city in the midwest and a blue collar guy from the steal city of Pittsburg this was a marriage made in heaven. Coach Mike McCarthy of the super bowl champion's Green Bay Packers has turn out to be a perfect fit as the leader of this story franchise from Green Bay Wisconsin. McCarthy has brought a no nonsense hard working approach to playing the game of NFL football back to a city that expect's nothing less from it's team.

In a time when money and ego's has gotten in the way of how football is played on the field, this coach has found a way to instill a team first concept with this talented bunch of players. You only need to listen to his pre and post game interviews to gain a sense of the value he puts on team. He talks of how we prepare as a team, " it's about what we do as a team " not what the other team is going to do. Like their coach, McCarthy's team has brought into his way of thinking that if you out work your opponent leaving no stone unturned in preparation there is nothing your opponent can throw at your team you won't have an answer for.

Now by no means does this mean Green Bay can't be beaten, however it does mean it will take a huge effort to get the job done at their home or on the road. Another way in knowing Mike McCarthy was in the right place at the right time, was the arrival of now all world quarterback Aaron Rodgers to his young team in 2005. With hall of frame quarterback Brett Favre still on the roster and playing at a pro bowl pace, McCarthy was given the time it took to develop this raw but talented QB into the player we see today. Being in the right place at the right time is all about luck, but knowing how to handle that luck take's a lot of hard work and a believe's you can get a team to see you have what it take's to get the job done.

You only have to look at McCarthy's first 5 seasons in Green Bay ( one losing season, 3 playoff appearances, 2 NFC finals, and a super bowl win ) to know that GM Ted Thompson did his homework in bringing this blue collar coach to this blue collar city at the right time to lead this team. Thompson knew there were changes coming to the city of Green Bay and it's beloved Packer team, and knew he needed the right coach with thick skin in place to handle the fallout. I don't know if it was just dumb luck or some kind of Devine intervention, but for fans of the Green Bay Packers Mike McCarthy has turn out to be the right coach, at the right time, for their team in the tiny blue collar city of Green Bay Wisconsin.

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