Thursday, December 8, 2011

This Packer's Team Was Not Built To Lay Down.

This Packer's Team Was Not Built To Lay Down.
( " Hello You Play To Win The Game " )

Since game 8 of this NFL season all the talk around the league has been can the super bowl champ's Green Bay Packers not only repeat but do it with an undefeated season. Now with a undefeated regular in eyesight ( 12&0 going into their game with the Oakland Raiders ) the talk has turn to should they even try. If they get to 14&0 with home field advantage through out the NFC playoff's would it be better to rest players ( aka the Manning led Colts of a few seasons ago ) or go the Patriots way and go all in and try and go for the undefeated season.

It blows me away how anyone could think a team should lay down ( and run away from perfection ) instead of embracing the very thought of reaching the ultimate goal that every team should strive for, being consider one of the greatest team's ever. The Packers are in position to do just that and I don't think this is a team that will bow down to the magnitude of the situation. In fact to a man they seem to embrace the ideal of what the possibility might mean for their team and the city of Green Bay WI. GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy have built a team of winners, and while losing is part of the game I can't believe they would ever set up this team to lose a game on purpose just to avoid the pressures of greatness.

I borrowed a famous quote from former NFL head coach and now ESPN annalist Herm Edward " Hello You Play To Win The Game " enough said.

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