Friday, May 27, 2011

It's official NFL Owners and Players have lost their minds

It's official NFL Owners and Players have lost their minds

Now that we have the true first casualties of the NFL lockout ( the rookie symposium having been cancel ) it has become apparent that common sense is no longer apart of NFL football. The Owner have decided with all their wisdom to do the moronic by not taking care of the future of the NFL by not holding the rookies symposium. How hard can it be to get theses young NFL hopeful together to show them the do's and don't of the NFL. To let them know they are a part of the future growth of the league, not an inconvenience to be dealt with at a Later date.

The one true fact that has come out of this hold CBA negotiation is the NFL owners and it's current players have taken a very selfish stand with no regard to what the future of the NFL may look like. First the NFL players union ask these rookies to stay away from the draft to show solidarity for a union they have not yet jointed, taking away any joy that might have come from that day. And than owners knowing they could have relocked the doors after the draft, put their taint on the draft experience by closing the doors before day two of the draft even started.

This was never going to be a pretty situation from the start, the NFL and it's owners along with the players union knew they had a responsibility to this rookies class coming in for months. And with that responsibility come some kind of common sense. There should have been a plan in place knowing this lockout might still be going on at this time. Theses rookies deserve better treatment than their getting knowing they are the future of the NFL. The owners and players of the NFL have been saying all along this fight their having is not about money, but for the betterment of the game. So it's time both sides use a little common sense and understand the 2011 rookies class they are overlooking needs to be more involved for the betterment of the game.

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