Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Buyers beware

Buyers beware

The Philadelphia Eagles went shopping this free agent season and on paper looked to have come home with some of the best deals ever. With the signings of ( Nnamdi Asomugha, Cullen Jenkins, Ronnie Brown, Jason Babin, and trouble quarterback Vince Young ) the Eagles went from a team favor to win their division to a seat at the big boys table as one of favorite to win this year's super bowl. Andy Reid and his coaching staff has been given an early Christmas present and for all Eagles fans everywhere let's hope when this grift is open it's not a box of coal.

If sports has taught us anything it's taught us what a team looks like on paper mean's nothing when it come wins and losses. NFL football unlike baseball and basketball is all about timing and chemistry, In my opinion you can't buy a championship in the NFL. With that being said the Eagles picked up some very nice pisces to add to an already good team. But with addition come subtraction, two of the Eagles star players ( DeSean Jackson and Asante Samuel ) are now very unhappy how will that affect team chemistry? Also with very little time to blend all this talent with their returning playoff team, coach Reid and his coaching staff may find timing is not on their side this coming season.

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  1. I don't have much to say on this topic other then time will tell. However, the one thing I would like to know is what the hell is wrong with DeSean Jackson and Asante Samuel?? Why on earth would they be unhappy? It damn sure shouldn't be due to the fact that talent and depth was added to their team which will only help them try to achieve the ultimate goal of winning a super bowl...and if that is the reason they're upset then they should both crawl in a hole a die because that's not what team sports are about. Furthermore, the addition of players like Ronnie Brown and Asomugha should, in theory, only help Jackson and Samuel on a individual basis. Asomugha will take some of the pressure off of Samuel as they can trade off who covers the number one wide out for the opposing team. As a matter of fact, since the two are both shut down corners, they can each become acquainted with, and focus on, only playing on one side of the field. This will prevent strong and weak side flipping which will make both players that much more dangerous. As for DeSean Jackson, I can definitely see him whining about the addition of Brown because in his mind it means the eagles will run more and throw less. If this is the case he needs to grow up and get a clue. One demential offenses go no where in the NFL, and last year the eagles had one dimension...Michael Vick!!! Ronnie Brown will take some pressure off Vick and allow the eagles to be more versatile. As for you DeSean Jackson, you only catch 3 passes a game anyway (granted those 3 catches go for 100+ yards) so Brown isn't going to take any of your touches away. If anything he'll help you by forcing the defense to pack more men near the line of scrimmage leaving them vulnerable down the field, and if I recall correctly the deep ball is kind of your thing.

    If I'm way off with this rant I apologize, but I don't think I am. Regardless the packers are going to repeat. Go ARodg!!