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Five coaches who might not make it through the 2011 season

Five coaches who might not make it through the 2011 season

One might think The NFL lockout will force GM's around the league to take a more patient approach with coaches this upcoming 2011 season. With no ability to have contact with players this offseason, no rookies camps and very little time to game plan for this coming season. If there was ever a time for coaches to get a pass, this in my opinion would be the season coaches should feel secure in knowing their jobs are safe. However as we learn through out this offseason NFL football is big business so here is my list of five coaches on the hot seat going in to the 2011 NFL season.

Lovie Smith Chicago Bears
Andy Reid Philadelphia Eagles
Marvin Lewis Cincinnati Bengals
Gary Kubiak Houston Texans
Tony Sparano Miami Dolphins

These five coaches fair or not are sitting in the hot seat this coming season. Fans in Chicago are wondering out loud why Lovie got a new contract after the whole NFC championship meltdown. There's is no room for failure here, so if the Bears get off to a slow start a new contract might not save Lovie's job. In Philadelphia Andy Reid put his-self in the hot seat with the Kevin Kolb situation, and now that they have gone all in with their free agent signings there is no grace period for Reid. If the Eagles by the halfway point of the season are sitting at 500 Philly fans will be calling for Reid's head and they just might get it.

Why Marvin Lewis is still coaching in the NFL blow me away. This is a coach who has had no control of his team in years. Even knowing this team is in a rebuilding mode, Cincinnati fans may start calling for a new head coach to go along with it's group of talented players from this year's draft. In Houston Gary Kubiak has come to a make or break point of his head coaching career. Coming to the Texans in 2006 as one of the most sought after assistant coaches in some time, Kubiak has not live up to the billing with 9&7 being his best season and no playoff appearances a bad start to this season could bring early changes in Houston. There's very little I can say about Miami Dolphins coach Tony Sparano that has not already been said, Lame duck coach with a lame team to coach. If he make it through the season it would be a miracle. It's hard taking control of a team knowing ownership try everything they could not to bring you back. Miami is a hot mess and Dolphin's fans can't fire their team owner, however they may be the first fan base to see their coach fire this coming season.

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