Sunday, August 28, 2011

Green Bay need's to run to a championship.

Green Bay need's to run to a championship.

The Super Bowl champ's Green Bay Packers go into the 2011 season with the same questions as 2010. Can the offensive line keep super bowl MVP quarterback Aaron Rodgers from getting killed and can they mount a good enough running attack to stop that happening.So far this preseason that does not look to be the case. Everyone in the NFL know's they have the best passing attack in football, however without some kind of balance on the ground game side of the ball Rodgers could spend more time on the ground than his running-backs.

The biggest problem the Packers have is knowing the have 6 games this season going against division rivals who know how to get after the quarterback. With only one preseason game left and knowing starters will not play more the one or two series in the game; coach Mike McCarthy and his staff need's to find answers to a problem that could derail they're chances of repeating in 2011. A running game can go a long way in helping to solve theses problems.

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  1. Though many do not believe it, the Lions may be your only worry this year. You guysare head and shoulders above Chicago (who played over their heads last year) and Minnesota (who is going in the wrong direction). The Lions new LBs are going to have to play their hearts out to keep Rodgers from killing them with quick passes.

    Two great games last year and will be two great ones again this year. Good luck.

    I've added your site to the Links list at Good luck in the coming season!