Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Has Rex Ryan And His Jets team Talk Themselves Out Of The Playoff's

Has Rex Ryan And His Jets team Talk Themselves Out Of The Playoff's

When you look up The old saying talk is cheap you will see a large logo of the New York Jets at the heading of this statement. When you openly put a target on your back as the Jets have under mouthy head coach Rex Ryan, you knew it would be only a matter of time before the walls came tumbling down. The Jets have taken selling wolf tickets to a new level of stupid. It's one thing to be the guy who walk's into a bar, go's up to the biggest guy in the place and punches him in the face to show he has street gred. It's a difference story when you call ahead to let everyone know your coming and what you are going to do.

From the first day Ryan took the head coaching job of the Jets three seasons ago to now Ryan has served up as much bulletin material as Muhammad Ali. And now his selling wolf tickets tack-tis has trickle down to his players. Someone needs to tell the Jets the game is played on the football field and not through the press. Every team the Jets play now will be waiting behind that barroom door with a chair ready to hit them over the head when they come thur the door. Rex and his players might not like the fact that hall-of-famer and former Jets icon Joe Namath called out coach and team for their trash taking with little results on the field. Maybe now with their season slipping away from them will they take some old school advice and shut up and just play football.

I know Rex and his band of trash talkers have played in the last two AFC championships games, however this team's brashness is starting to catch up with them. Jets fans will find out over the next six weeks if Rex Ryan can coach, or is he just a guy full of hot air with no real ability to lead their Jets team to a super bowl championship. In my opinion Rex's style is short term and has already run it's course.

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