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Elite Quarterbacks In The NFL

Elite Quarterbacks In The NFL

Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers........ Ben Rothlesburger and Stop.

We are at the halfway point of this NFL football season, so we've had more than enough time to separate the elite quarterbacks from the very good or average QB's. There has been so much talk over the last two season's on who the elite QB's in the league are that it's become very annoying. The list of names that have hit people's lists is a joke. There's only four elite quarterbacks in the NFL ( Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, and Ben Rothlesburger ) and you must stop there. Trying to add any other names to this list is like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

There are a lot of very good quarterbacks in the NFL, however the tag elite is used to loosely in today's NFL. When I think of elite QB's the names that come to mind are ( Joe Montana, Troy Aikman, and Jim Kelly ) and how anyone can put Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco or Eli Manning in the same class as theses great quarterbacks is beyond me. You don't need a super bowl ring to be an elite quarterback, ( Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, and Fran Tarkenton ) but you need to be very special. Taking nothing away from the three young QB's mention in this post and one has a ring ( Eli Manning ) but elite they are not.

Elite quarterbacks are rare and special, only 23 modern day QB's are in the hall of fame. That itself speaks volume to what it take's to be an elite quarterback in the NFL. Some have called me old school because of my take on what i think the standard of an elite quarterback should be. I just don't believe you need to lower your expectations to fit the QB's of today's NFL football. There's more to being an elite quarterback than putting up Fantasy football numbers. The bottom line is can you count on this guy when all the chips are in. I've said it once and it bear's repeating an elite quarterback is a QB the other team knows can win no matter where the game is played. There's only a hand full of quarterbacks in the NFL today you can put that tag on week in and week out.

So before we start anointing every Johnny come lately QB's with eliteness after only a small body of work, let's remember true greatness of a quarterback comes after there's a book on him. A true elite quarterback is one who is alway a step ahead of his opponent.

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