Thursday, November 24, 2011

Jim Harbauh Bring's Old School Football To San Francisco

Jim Harbauh Bring's Old School Football To San Francisco

Rookie head coach Jim Harbauh of the 8&1 NFC west leading 49ers has brought a refreshing old school style of NFL football to the city by the bay. The turnaround in San Francisco is nothing short of remarkable. Harbauh has change a whole mindset of losing in less than a season with hard nose smash mouth football. It has all started at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball. The 49ers have a mentality of hit them hard, hit them often, take away your opponent will to compete. Mix in a great running game some timely passing and a defense that imposes it's will on the other team's offense and there you have a winning formula.

What makes the job coach Harbauh has done more amazing is he did it with very little time ( because of the lockout ) to get a full handle on his team. The most important thing for this turn-a-round is this team is playing Harbauh football. From day one he laid out his plan and his players who only needed leadership brought in. And yes it's help's that they play in the NFC west, however this 49ers team has gone into the NFC east and handed out loses. The only thing we have yet to see is can quarterback Alex Smith win a QB driven game. Will he be able to deliver in an old fashion shoot-out?

Regardless of which side of the debate line your on regarding the 49ers this season, even the most harden doudter ( I'm one ) has to give it up to the outstanding coaching job Harbauh and his coaching staff has done with this young team. Gone are the days of the west coast offense spread them out 4 or 5 deep and finest the ball down the field. Ring in the Harbauh old school smash mouth brand of football. Either way the fans of 49ers football can stand up proud knowing winning NFL football is coming back to the city by the bay.

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