Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Right Winning Chemistry

The Right Winning Chemistry
( check your ego at the locker room door )

The defending super bowl champion Green Bay Packers are well on their way to making a run at back to back super bowls ( 9 & 0 ) and the one thing that stand out more than anything is team chemistry. The Packers look to be the odds on favorite to not only get to, but also win super bowl 46. While team chemistry is a key component to winning in the NFL. The Packers under the leadership of coach Mike McCarthy have found to leave their ego's at the locker room door before every games this season so far. To a man the only thing we've heard from this team from the beginning of the season is a united attitude of winning as a team.

Even with the local media trying their best to throw a fly in the ointment ( with their talk after only one game of how quarterback Aaron Rodgers would be able to keep all of his receivers happy ) the superstar QB and his star studded receiving core just shrug it off as outsider trying to stir the pot. Now I'm not saying for one minute there are not a ton of ego's on this team, however this team has taken a single mindset to check their ego's at the door for the the sake of playing team winning football. It's easy to see this Packer's team has the focus it take's to repeat, and the talent on both sides of the ball to reach that goal.

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