Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Separation Of Powers In The AFC.

The Separation Of Powers In The AFC.

A difference season, same old names at the top of the race to the super bowl in the AFC. With all due respect to the Houston Texans ( go ing on their third starting QB, the Oakland Raiders, coming out of a vary weak AFC west division ) the same old names ( New England Patriots, Pittsburg Steelers, and Baltimore Ravens ) pop up as the only real relevant teams that will represent the AFC in super bowl 46. Taking nothing away from the Cincinnati Bengals ( just to young a year or two away, or the Tennessee Titans they don't have enough to get there, and the New York Jets coach Rex Ryan can't talk this team into the title game this season ) you will see one of theses mainstays in this year's world championship game.

This season's AFC has had it's share of surprising teams. Buffalo Bills, Cincinnati Bengals, oh and yes the Tebow led Denver Broncos. All great story's however by the end of the season this will be nothing more than a good read. It is aways said the cream rises to the top. And like always the Patriots, Steelers, and Ravens seem to be the same teams in the mix at the end of the season vying from home field advantage and that prize trip to the super bowl.

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