Thursday, September 15, 2011

NFL fans are the most forgiving fans in all of sports.

NFL fans are the most forgiving fans in all of sports.

With week one in the books for NFL fans around the league, I couldn't help sitting back and marveling at how not one beat was missing from how rabbit fans showed love for their respective teams around the NFL. I found it hard to believe that there was not any sign of fan discontent with how the hold lockout situation was handle by the NFL owners or it's players union.

If you didn't know better you would never think just how close the NFL owners and players came to imploding in my opinion the most popular sport played bar none. There were no tv cameras showing fans holding up signs calling owners or players greedy and self-serving. I don't know if it was the fact that no regular season games were missed due to the lockout or that we as a nation were paying tribute to what happen to our country ten years ago on 9-11.

As we sit back and watch the NBA go though it's lockout knowing major league baseball may not be far behind, I'm left with the feeling if both of these sports go though the same contentious lockout the NFL went though there will be fan retribution. The last time we saw major league baseball go thought a work stoppage it took two guys pump up on steroids hitting mammoth home runs to bring back any interest to a game that many consider the number game in sport. Not even the iron man steak Cal Ripken Jr. had going at that time couldn't get fans onboard with baseball.

The NBA Is about to come face to face with the harsh reality they may go thought a lockout no one cares about. NFL fans were glued to their TV's everyday during the lockout taking in every bit on information they could on how it was going and when it might end. ESPN and other sports outlets have given very little coverage to this lockout, which tells me the power brokers in sports have no use for the NBA at all. Let us not forget that if Larry Bird and Magic Johnson hadn't come into the NBA when they did to help save a sport that was all but dead, Michael Jordan may never have become the greatest player ever to play the game and D wade and LeBron James might be playing NFL football.

While I do believe we have seen an impact of the lockout on the field this first week of play in the NFL ( a lot of bad play by secondary's around the league, tons of season ending injuries though out the preseason and week one of the season ) fans loyalty has not waiver one bit.

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