Friday, September 23, 2011

The NFL needs to remember quarterback are football players too!!

The NFL needs to remember quarterbacks are football players too!!

The National Football League has taken the rough and tough game of football to something just short of flag football. When did the NFL quarterback position become not a part of football? How can any and all football players in the NFL except the quarterback be expected to play tackle football. The power to be in the NFL seem as if their trying to turn quarterbacks into pansy's who after taking legal hit by defenders turn to the refs to see if a flag might be thrown in their favor.

I know the quarterback is one of the most important player on the team, however the guy is still suppose to be a football player. I believe the NFL is over protecting the QB's around the league and making it harder and harder for a defender to know what a legal hit really is. How can you tell a player on the defensive side of the ball who has been taught to react to the ball, that he now has to think in that spit second before he reaches the quarterback on how he must now ease him down gently not to incur a penalty flag or a fine from the home office.

It's hard as a fan to watch what seem to be two difference set of rules being played on the same football field. There a set of rules that says you need to protect the quarterback at all cost no matter how bad the call looks. ( the guys are football players ) Than there's that other sets of rules that says you can hit running backs and receivers as hard as you want as long as you don't lead helmet to helmet. The time has come for the NFL to take a step back and rethink the protection rules for NFL quarterback and realize theses guys are also a part of the national football league.

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