Saturday, September 10, 2011

Thank you # 4

Thank you # 4

I would like to personally thank Brett Favre for helping to change the face of a somewhat dead NFL franchise in Green Bay Wis. I have been a die hard Packer fan for almost fifty years, I've seen my team at the top of the football world in the 60's ( winning the first two super bowls played ) to being one of the biggest jokes in the NFL in the 70's & 80's. Then Green Bay decided it was time to rejoin the NFL, so they went outside the box and hired a football man in Ron Wolf.
Wolf's first point of business was to find a head coach with a winning background, so in walks Mike Holmgrem an unproven head coach but off a San Francisco 49ers staff that dominated the NFL in the 80's.

The only piece missing that might restore the Packers back to greatness was a franchise quarterback. When Ron Wolf decided to give up a first round draft pick to go the end of the Atlanta Falcons bench to acquire a QB who's name couldn't be pronounce properly; it had all Packer nation believing here we go again. ( That was the beginning of the in Ron we trust era ) From the first minuet # 4 hit the field in 1992 against the Cincinnati Bengals to his last game against the New York Giants in the 2007 NFC championship, # 4 bought pride and relevance's back to the State of Wisconsin and a tiny NFL city of Green Bay.

Thank you # 4 for two super bowl appearances, a super bowl win and the fact of knowing every time you took the field we had a chance to win. You were the true meaning of what an elite quarterback is.
So on behalf of myself and hopefully millions Packers fans everywhere I say thank you # 4 for putting our team on your back and giving us some of the greatest football played in NFL history. Without you coming to Green Bay and helping to bring back championship caliber football to our franchise, we would not be the team we are today. # 4 you will always and forever be a Green Bay Packer in my heart and mind.

Thank you Brett Favre for 16 wonderful season.

Brought to by: AJ Jones from Cambridge
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