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Three 2010 division winners facing must win games this weekend.

Three 2010 division winners facing must win games this weekend.

Atlanta Falcons
Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles

Already going into game four of the 2011 NFL season, we have three division winners from last season facing must win situations. I mean no disrespect at all to division winners Seattle, Indianapolis, or Kansa City who for difference reasons going into 2011 season, had no one picking them to be relevant in this season's playoff picture let alone winning their divisions. However the three teams above two of which were on a lot of lists to make the super bowl, could be one loss away at this early stage of the season of falling out of the playoff picture all together.

I know it might be harsh to write teams off after only four games, but let's take a look at how the divisions races might look with a loss by any of theses three teams this weekend. With the Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions already two games ahead in the loss column, and both playing very winnable games this weekend the Bears may have no chance of getting back in the race with a loss to Carolina at home.
And with Jay Cutler looking like....well like Jay Cutler the Bears have the look of a team that could very well be on the outside looking in if they can't find some way right their ship.

The Atlanta Falcons who last season had the best record in the NFC going 13 & 3 and getting what every team plays for, a chance of knowing the road to the super bowl would have to go thru the Georgia dome. Not only did the Falcons failed to get out of the second round of the NFC playoff's after a first round bye. They were totally outclassed and manhandled by the super bowl champ's Green Bay Packers on their home field. Playing in the same division as the one year removed super bowl champ's New Orleans Saints and last season 10 win Tampa Bay Buccaneers; Atlanta can ill afford leaving Seattle with a loss knowing what lay's ahead of them on their schedule. ( two games with New Orleans, a rematch with the super bowl champion Green Bay Packers, a trip to the motor city to play the now potent Detroit Lions, not to mention a return game with the Buccaneers ) A loss this weekend and the Falcons and their fans might have to start thinking about next season after only four games.

The Philadelphia Eagles the self anointed dream team, are now living the nightmare of high expectations. After only three games the Eagles may be one loss away from having no chance at seeing the playoff's let alone a trip to Indianapolis for this year's super bowl. Andy Reid and the Eagles are finding out what you think you have is not actually what you have. With all the chatter that surrounded the team with it's offseason free agents pickups, the Eagles are now seeing what a lockout can do to very good players who have little or no time to work together with no mini camps or offseason OTA's. Where as I do see the Eagles having the easier road of the three teams at getting back into there divisional race. ( because I don't believe the other teams in their division has what it take to give that knock out punch ) I can see the heart and soul of their team quarterback Mike Vick who has already been concussed and now with a badly bruised hand not making it through this football season. No way this dream team can win without Vick so this weekend the Eagles must find a way to keep the 49ers stout defense off their star quarterback, or the Eagles and their fans may find out karma has a not so funny way of showing itself when you least want it.

Even knowing four games does not a season make, I see theses three 2010 division winners going into game four knowing it very well may be the defining game of their whole season.

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