Thursday, September 22, 2011

Week two bring more injuries. ( Lockout? )

Week two bring more injuries. ( Lockout? )

After the first two weeks of this NFL season, team after team in the league has had to deal with season ending injuries to a lot of it key players. Injuries have and will always be a part of NFL football, however the list of injuries are compiling at a record pace. There's aways a few teams each season that has to deal with a rash of unexpected injuries, ( that's football ) but this problem has spread league wide this season. I believe we are now seeing the biggest impact the NFL lockout is going to have on the 2011 season.

We need to remember with no mini camps or OTA's and no ability for coaches to oversee players conditioning in the offseason. There was no way to monitor team progress, so it not a big surprise to see so many players going down with theses multitude of injuries. The NFL gave players little or no time to get in playing shape, so get prepared for more injuries that are sure to impact the outcome of the already crazy 2011 season.

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