Monday, October 10, 2011

Aaron Rodgers Has The Three C's To Be A Great Quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers Has The Three C's To Be A Great Quarterback.
( Confident, Cockiness and Coolness under pressure )

Just when we through it could't get any better, Green Bay's super bowl MVP, championship belt wearing star quarterback Aaron Rodgers is showing teams around the NFL his 2010 drive to the super bowl was just a sample of things to come. Rodgers has started the 2011 season as hard as it might seem to believe even better than last season's remarkable march to the super bowl. Aaron has shown in the first quarter of the season, there's another gear to his game and has shifted it to the next level. In my opinion a QB needs the three C's ( confident, cockiness, and coolness under pressure ) to be an elite quarterback in the NFL.


A quarterback has to not only have confident in his-self, but also earn the confident of the GM, head coach, fans, and the players he's trying to lead. Rodgers has shown everyone inside and outside of the organization from day one confident was one thing he was not lacking. Call it rookie arrogance or letting anger of having to sit and wait while 22 other rookies were drafted before him in the 2005 draft get the best of him. Aaron spoke with a clam confident when interview after being drafted that he would make all the teams that past on him regret their decision.


I don't think you can be a great player in any sport let alone an elite quarterback in the NFL without having some kind of cockiness attacked to your personality. The great one's had it, Joe Montana had it,as did Troy Aikman, and Dan Marino showed that cockiness of an elite QB day one he step on an NFL field. Aaron Rodgers has that cockiness that it's takes to be great. He walks with that swagger that tell's his opponents, I'm good, you know it, now try to stop me. Cockiness without performance mean nothing in sports, in the early stages of his NFL career his performance has live up to his cockiness.

Coolness under pressure

To be a great quarterback in the NFL a quarterback has to have that coolness under pressure. That ability to slow a game down, know where he is in a game, and what it will take to win that game. From the first minute GM Ted Thompson and coach Mike McCarthy informed Rodgers he would be replacing Packer's icon Brett Favre as their starting quarterback, it seem as if Rodgers had a coolness and calmness about himself that he was indeed ready to take on the task at hand. Even after facing the distain from fans and media when Favre out of the blue decided he wanted to end his brief retirement and get his old job back; when his GM an Coach had Handel it the only way they could by telling Favre he had to compete ( wink wink to get his job back, it was never going to happen ) show a coolness under pressure that had to make playing in an NFL game seem easy.

While it is way to early to put an hall of frame tag on Rodgers, it's very easy to see he has the three C's to get him there. his first three and a quarter season's as Green Bay's starting QB has been nothing short of remarkable knowing all he had to endure to get to where his is. The only thing I can tell fans on NFL football is don't blink, because we are seeing something special.

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