Monday, October 3, 2011

Has there's ever been a better time to play quarterback in the NFL?

Has there's ever been a better time to play quarterback in the NFL?
( is the game to one-sided? )

With NFL quarterbacks putting up passing numbers at a record pace this season, one has to wonder why on earth anyone on the offensive side of the ball would have anything to say about QB protection. There has been much debate this season on if the quarterbacks in the NFL are being over protected by the league and my answer is an inflated YES!!!

After Michael Vick's post game rant of a need for more protection by ref's against late hits, the debate heated up between media members as well as fans. In my opinion, there's is no better position to play at this time than NFL quarterback. With all the rule changes lately in the NFL siding toward the offensive side of the ball, there is no wonder why even average QB 's in the league are lighting up defenses with record numbers.

Not even can you not hit a quarterback legally, DB's can't put big hits on Receivers to separate them from the ball anymore. Talk about making the game one sided. Defenses in the NFL are clearly behind the eight ball this season trying to defend offenses without the ability of actually playing defense. Football is all about hitting and intimidation, so without hitting there is no intimidating which is not football.

So let me know what you think. Is NFL football becoming to offensive? Great Time To Be A Quarterback!!

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