Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Philadelphia story " who didn't see this coming "

The Philadelphia story " who didn't see this coming "

A 1 & 3 start, coaches taking the blame for team's bad play, and players calling each other out to man up. And that folks give you the Philadelphia story. Now I ask you, " who didn't see this coming "? After in my opinion making the biggest free agency haul in NFL history And having fans and media putting them in the NFC championship game and the super bowl with all the moves they made; the Eagles have started the season by falling flat on their faces.

The Eagles had a 50-50 chance at best putting theses peaces in place with little time to prepare for the season due to the lockout. And now that we see the defenses around the league being the side of the ball most affected by the lockout, Andy Reid and his Eagle's team are left now answering question on why it is not working out for their dream team. With football being all about timing and chemistry and needing time to put the two element together, I ask my question again " who didn't see this coming "?

The biggest obstacle the Eagles faced going into the 2011 season was how were they going to make theses parts fit without destroying the team chemistry they'ed built with Mike Vick's coming back party of 2010. That bring me to timing which in the case of of pro football is everything. While the Eagles as everyone knows did pick up some very talented players to fill some holes on defense, as we now see theses guys needed more than 5 weeks to get their timing together. Your asking players who have been playing in other teams system's for a few seasons to come in with limited time to practice; your also asking them to work with a rookie defensive coordinator who has never coached the defensive side of the ball in his NFL career. ( " who didn't see this coming "? )

An NFL season ( 16 games ) give teams very little room for mistakes, and this season in particular because of the lockout has magnify defensive shortcomings with all 32 teams in the NFL. But unlike the other 31 defenses in the NFL, the Eagles put the self proclaim dream team tag on themselves and with that a huge target on their backs for everyone in the football world to see. Now a quarter of the way into the season the Eagles find themselves in last place in the NFC east looking up at the Redskins and Giants with the pressure mounting to right their ship before it sinks. Eagles fans will find out in the second quarter of the season ( games with the Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, bye week, Dallas Cowboys, and the Chicago Bears ) what 200 million dollars buys you, as of today it's last place.

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