Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo " is who we think he is "

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo " is who we think he is "
( not a great leader )

For the first four weeks of this NFL season the Tony Romo bandwagon has been jumped on and off more than a kids jungle gym. The Cowboy's QB has come under more scrutiny than any quarterback in the NFL in some time. Being the starting quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys is about winning super bowls, not just competing for a division title. Tony Romo has shown signs that might lead you to believe he has what it takes to get the Cowboys to the only game that matter to owner Jerry Jones and the fans of this story franchise. ( The Super Bowl )

There has been much debate on if the fought lies with Romo or head coach Jason Garrett, and while Garrett get's some of the blame, most of the blame go's to Romo. Your quarterback has to be the smartest player on the field and Tony has shown little or no smartness at key stages of Cowboys losses over the years. Romo has a strong arm and can make all the throws it takes to be an super bowl winning quarterback. However the one thing missing with Romo's game seem to be between the ears, the ability to manage a game and the time clock.

Now I wasn't there on the side line with Jason Garrett or Tony Romo, but I know Garrett had to be talking with Romo on where he was in the game and what it was going to take to make a 24 point lead stand up in the Lion's game. I think the time has come if I can borrow a quote from former coach Dennis Green ( " Romo is who we think he is " ) a quarterback with a ton of physical ability but no mental toughness to lead a team to the big game.

If your looking to win a Fantasy football league title Romo might be your guy, however if the super bowl is your goal you may have to look for another quarterback.

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  1. Great post! Sad, but true....

  2. I have a great picture of the star at video3dyo.com