Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Detroit Lions Have Roared Back To relevant's

The Detroit Lions Have Roared Back To relevant's

Having two 5 & 0 teams at this stage of the NFL season is not surprising, the fact one of the undefeated is the Detroit Lions is well.....shocking!! The super bowl champion Green Bay Packers being one of the two is not that unexpected, however if you were given three teams at the beginning of the season who beside's the Packers would be undefeated at this point, the Lions would not have made anyone's list. Yes they are an up and coming team, but one of two yet to lose I don't think so.

If we go back to last season and throw in this preseason, the Detroit Lions have won 13 games in a row. We are watching this young team from the motor city grow up in front of our eyes. Everything starts with their rising star at quarterback Matthew Stafford who even tho he has taken some big hits this season he's been able to stay on the field. And with Calvin Johnson ( aka mega-tron ) at the other end of his TD passes, they are forming one of the best quarterback-Receiver combo's in the NFL. Also if you add in rookie receiver Titus Young, tight end Brandon Pettigrew, and second year back Jahvin Best to the mix the Lions have an offense that will give any defense in the NFL trouble.

While the Lions defense is still a work in progress, their defensive line is In my opinion the best in football. Led by all world tackle Adamukong Suh the Lions D-line has the ability to rush the passer with four which helps to protect a weak secondary, and their linebackers opportunities to get to the quarterback on blitzes. The Lions defense as has every other defense around the NFL had it's share of problems stopping teams this season, especially on the ground. But like all playoff caliber teams, their D has step up and made plays when needed.

The Detroit Lions served notice last season they would be doormats no more for teams in the league, however I for one and I might guess many Lions fans never saw this coming.

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