Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can our three major sports be saved for our kids?

Can our three major sports be saved for our kids?

With all three of our major sports leagues ( Major league baseball, NFL football, and NBA basketball ) engaged is some sort of controversy. The lockout over a billion dollars in the NFL, the huge steroid problem that's still lingering in major league baseball, and a player deciding it's ok to embarrass his home State team by announcing he's taking his talents to Miami. ( shame on ESPN for helping this guy to make his self look like a young arrogant fool! ) It got me to wondering what will sports look like in 15 years when our kids our starting to rise their kids. You can't pick up a newspaper or turn on a TV without one of the three having a negative story being talk about.

It's very hard having to explain to your kids how lying in court about not taking steroids is a real bad thing to do. Why this great player and that great player won't make it to the Hall of fame, because they played the game the wrong way. How do you tell a kid yes they make over 9 billion dollars a year and I don't know why they can't find a way to spit one of the billion dollars. ( and yes when I'm ask is that a lot of money I just smile ) What can you say to a kid when they ask you if it's ok for players to pick the team they want to play for just because they want to play with their friends. Why a Boss has a right to ask players to dress properly when they go to their press conference. These are the easy conversations you can have with kids under 10 years old, you don't mind talking about these things with them.

No parent should have to talk to their kids about why their favorite players are selling drugs, shooting them self, Sending pictures of there special place to someone other then their wife, why a player locked himself in a bathroom with a woman who didn't want to be there, or why a player would hurt dogs. With sports being one of the special things that bonds parents with their kids at an early age, one could see how these can be tying times in many house holds. This might be a real good time for our three major sports leagues to get their acts together, so 15 years from now our kids can enjoy the idea of sitting back and talking about sports with their kids.

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