Wednesday, April 27, 2011

where will Green Bay go in this year's draft?

Where will Green Bay go in this year's draft?

Linebacker.......offensive linemen.......running back

There's no doubt the Green Bay Packers have one of the most talented teams in the NFL, however even a Super Bowl champ has needs. The three positions Green Bay should address in this year's draft that could fill some glaring needs in my opinion are (outside linebacker, offensive line, and running back) to make an already solid team that much better. With Clay Matthews looking as if he's going to be a superstar pass rushing linebacker for years to come, the Packers could use someone on the other side ( aka the Pittsburgh steelers dynamic duo of Lamarr Woodley and James Harrison )
to take some of the pressure off Matthews being he's the Packers only true pass rusher.

The offensive line which showed some improvement last season, need's some upgrading. Aaron Rodgers Houdini like ability to escape on coming pass rushers made the line look better than they actually played. One only needs to take look at last season playoff game against the Atlanta Falcons to see help on the O-line might be needed. Given all the injuries the line has sustain the last few seasons and the need to keep Rodgers upright, offensive line should be Green Bay's # 1 priority.

I see running back as the easiest of the positions to fill. I know after last season you might wonder why I'm saying that? How much help the Packers need at running back depend's on how Ryan Grant come's back from his ankle injury. James Stark's showed in Green Bay's Super Bowl run last season that he is capable of taking over as the starting feature back in Green Bay's backfield; and Grant looked very strong before his injury. However if any one of theses two go's down it put to much pressure on the passing game, so I can see Packer's GM Ted Thompson looking at a running back early in this year's draft.

There's seem to be a lot of talent in this year's draft at all three position I just mention, so look for Green Bay to load up as this could help answer a lot of the questions surrounding next year's defending Super Bowl champion.

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