Sunday, April 17, 2011

Which teams in the NFL are poised to take that next step?

Which teams in the NFL are poised to take that next step?

If there was ever a worst time for a lockout in the NFL, I can't think of one for these 5 teams on the rise in the NFL.

Detroit Lions
Oakland Raiders
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kansas City Chiefs
ST. Louis Rams

These teams make huge strides last season and show their fans they were ready to again be mention as one of the better teams in the NFL. Only the Chief's out of this group made last season's playoff's, the Rams and Buccaneers were knocking at playoff 's door; while the Lions and Raiders show every team they played last season they were not a win to be just checkoff on their schedules. With the lockout seeming as if it might go a lot longer then even the Owners and the Players union envision when they took such a hard stance on the money issue; and no organize team workouts because of the no contact rule regarding Coaches and Players. The progress of these teams might come to a compete halt. Players working out by them-self's or in small groups in my opinion can't have the same impact as coaches monitoring their team's progress during the off season.

As Owners and Players gather around the negotiating table again to try and get a solution to these CBA proceedings. I see 5 teams and their fan base that should hope the resolution is quick and tidy so NFL football can get back on schedule and they can continue the momentum they gain last season.

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