Monday, April 25, 2011

The lost season!!

The lost season!!

With the NFL lockout looking as if it going to hinder the free agent movement going into next season, drafting for future needs seem to be the theme of this year's draft. Unless by some miracle the Owners and Players come to an agreement in the next 48hrs, this may go down as one of the most useless draft's in some time. As teams prepare for the draft without that ability to move players in trades, or the signing of free agents, game planing using rookies next season seem to be a moot point. If the talk that's going around NFL football turn out to be true and there's no free agents period that we have
come to know, a lot of GM's are going into this year's draft with their hands tied behind their back.

There's a lot of good talent in this year's draft that could possibly help some teams next season, however without the ability to get these rookies into the classroom to learn their teams system or on the practice field to see If they have what it takes to play at next level, there will be no Sam Bradford's or Ndamukong Suh's to talk about in this year's draft.

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