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Have the Dallas Cowboys become the Notre Dame of Pro Football?

Have the Dallas Cowboys become the Notre Dame of Pro Football?

Has there ever been a team more beloved in Pro Football than the Dallas Cowboys? Up until 15 years ago the Cowboys had to be one of the most fear teams in Pro Football history. From 1960 when they first enter the National Football League, until the 1995 season when they won they're last Of 5 Super Bowls; they were arguably the best team in the NFL for that 35 year period of time. The Cowboys played in 8 Super Bowls and won 5, only the Pittsburgh Steelers with 5 appearance and 4 wins; or the San Francisco 49s with 5 win in 5 try's can even come close to Dallas's greatness of that time. Now the thing that make's this so remarkable is these teams did all this in the first 30 Super Bowls; 14 wins in 15 of the first 30 Super Bowls played. ( Dallas and Pittsburgh played each other in 3 of those games,Pittsburgh won 2 )Wow!!

Only the Pittsburgh Steelers of the three teams mention have found a way to stay Super Bowl relevant over the last 15 years since Dallas won
a Super Bowl. ( oh by the way, their win was against Pittsburgh ) Over this time Pittsburgh has won 8 division titles, been in the playoff's 9 times and played in 3 Super Bowls and won 2. Dallas on the other hand, has not been really heard of since the 90's. That lead's me to the question of why year after year so called Football experts have them as one of their pick to win it all? when getting into the playoff's seem to have been a chore, ( 4 division titles, 7 playoff's apperencs third best team in their own division in the last 15years! )

This bring me to my Notre Dame theory , how at the beginning of every season people try to put them in the mix without any just cause. Notre Dame has not been a factor in the National Championship picture for a lot longer than Dallas not being a real threat to win a Super Bowl. But they ( by they I mean the Football Media tying to find ways to pull them across the finish line, like that horse with great odds to win ) with nothing more than a name.

I know it might be hard to see the correlation between a College football team and the Dallas Cowboy, it's about perception and reality and how they get in each other's way. Perception, they are the teams they once were, reality they have not been at the top of their's football worlds in a combined 38 years ( 24years since Notre Dame won a National Championship, 15 years since Dallas last held the Super Bowl trophy ). Perception, because of their rich history of winning, that it somehow applies to their recent team's. Reality, there has been little or no reason to believe they are even close to being the team's they once were. Perception they've had the leadership top to bottom to produce a winning team year after year. Reality, there hasn't been stability at the top of either team in many years. Notre Dame has not been the same since Lou Holtz left in ( 1996 ), Jerry Jones though he was smarter then his Coach Jimmy Johnson witch lead to Jimmy's leaving in (1993 ) Dallas has never recovered ( yes they won a Super Bowl with Jimmy Johnson's guys two years later, but have only had one real shot to get back to the Super Bowl since. )

Where as I do believe Dallas is in a lot better position to get to a Super Bowl, than Notre Dame will ever be to a National Championship; they are both not as close as it has been talked about year after year in the media. Both team's have a very strong fan following across the country, they have a great football history, but sports is about what have you done for me lately. The fact is Dallas as it is with Notre Dame has done nothing for years, and how the football media can fall for the hype at the beginning of every season is beyond me.


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