Friday, April 15, 2011

Stale Mate

Stale Mate

Now that Owners and Players have gone back to the bargaining table with a court order mediation request, this chess game will play out the way most of us felt it might. Both side doing what should have been done two years ago. Spit the billion dollars and agree to revisit the revenue sharing issue in 3 to 4 years and get back to actually tying to grow the game of NFL football; as has been talked about by Owners and the now decertify Players union from the beginning of this CBA negotiation. I feel the two sides are playing a game that can't be won by either side. Judge Sue Nelson echo millions of fans sentiments by asking Owners and Players to work out their problems at the bargaining table not in a court room.

Hopefully both, the Owners and the Players union will realize this time around, there's a lot of attention being pay to their negotiation and this game of chess they've been playing for two years. And because there's only a king and pawn left on both sides of the board ( Rodger Goodell and the Owners on one side with Demaurice Smith and the Players on the other ) there's only one play left, move their pawn to the middle of the board and call it a stale mate. That way nobody loses and both sides can claim victory for the growth of the game.

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