Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How can Green Bay stay ahead of the Pack?

How can Green Bay stay ahead of the Pack?

After making one of the most remarkable runs to a Super Bowl championship in NFL history, the questions surrounding the Green Bay Packers are, how did they pull it off! and can they do it again? The answer to the first is simple personnel.... Personnel....personnel. Without that ability to replace their starters who went down early in the season with a mutable of injuries; with players who were more than capable of playing at a very high level in the NFL, a 500 record would have been very hard to attain. General Manager Ted Thompson who has shown that unique ability to forgo free agency and build his team thought the draft and rookie free agent signings has also shown the rest of the the NFL the blueprint his mentor Ron Wolf laid Before him when he was Wolf's assistant, might be the only way to build a team that is not only playoff but Super Bowl relevant year in and year out in the NFL.
p>With an abundant amount of talented players coming back from the injured reserve, it would be very easy to see why Green Bay would be at the top of everyone's list next season as the team to beat in the race to next year's Super Bowl. But as you know, what we see on paper does not always translate to the football field. After having just won a Super Bowl, the the answer to question two, can only be answer by the Packers. ( Focus ) will they have the focus that's needed to forget yesterday and look to tomorrow? Will they take a hunter's mentality into next season, knowing every team they play will have no problem getting up for what has to be one the biggest game's of their year. I see having to open the season against the previous year's Super Bowl Champs New Orleans Saints as a God sent for Green Bay, focus has to be there from day one of training camp. ( when ever it may begin )

p> One of the biggest obstacles the Green Bay Packers will have to overcome next season, is do they have the ability to handle success. Having one of the youngest teams in the NFL there is alway's the possibility they might take success for-granted. Believing it's something that will always be there and forgetting about all the hard work it took to get it. There's alway's a chance with any young team there might be some sort of let down. But Green Bay has one of the best three headed monster's in the NFL ( Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, and Aaron Rodgers ) with that type of stability leading the way, a let down seem very unlikely. So with Ted Thompson leading the way by laying down a solid foundation, along with Coach Mike McCarthy and Quarterback Aaron Rodgers; there is little doubt in my mind that the Green Bay Packers can stay at the head of the pack for some time to come.

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