Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Preparing for the future

Preparing for the future

I've been reading and listening to all the pre-draft talks about who each team should take and why. With this year's draft being highly spotlighted ( with the Players lockout and the Players Union asking draftee to stay home ) and draft picks not knowing how this could impact their lives the days and maybe months after draft day is over. I keep going back to a story I read on the ESPN Webb sight, John Clayton one of the best in the business at getting the inside scoop on what is happening in the NFL; had two opportunities to address the question of the New England Patriots drafting a young Quarterback in the early rounds of this year's draft to have him mentor behind Tom Brady and maybe one day take over.
In my opinion he missed badly on both answers to this question, first he believe's it might upset the veteran QB that a quarterback has been drafted ( IMO a horrible answer ).Given a second shot at the same question he soften his take on the subject, by saying yeah maybe it's ok but don't look for any help from the veteran QB in the mentoring of a guy who might be his replacement one day. He feels the veteran QB may be unwilling or unable to help in the development of the Quarterback who could be drafted as a look to the future for his team. He sighted the Aaron Rodgers, Brett Favre situation as a reason it might not work out. I know its has been talked about over and over again about the fact that Brett wanted nothing to do with the mentoring of his replacement.However taking a young QB by the hand and saying here let me show you how to take my job, is neither realistic or what a true team player has or needs to do to help a young Quarterback to grow into an NFL QB.

As I stated in my earlier blog sitting and watching is just as Important to a young QB's development than anything a veteran QB might say. One would hope a veteran Quarterback at the end of his career ( when ever it might be ) should want to see his team in good hands because it's not if, but when that day is going to come. We're not talking about a lot of Quarterbacks here we're talking about the Payton Manning's, Tom Brady's, or the Drew Brees's of the NFL. The hard true about this game is all careers come to an end ( by the Players choice or the team's ) and the team who most prepares for that ending will be the one who will sustain that winning edge.

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