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Does Lovie Smith and Bears management have burr vision when it comes to Jay Cutler?

Does Lovie Smith and Bears management have burr vision when it comes to Jay Cutler?

With the NFL lockout going on 60 days now there might be one team in the NFL taking a big sigh of relief knowing the spotlight has taken off of them and their franchise quarterback. To say the Chicago Bears season ended with a lot of controversy would be highly understated. The NFC championship ended with ton of questions and as of today very few answers for how the Jay Cutler injury situation was handle by not only the Bears but also Jay Cutler his-self.

The burning question that only Lovie Smith and Bear's linebacker Brian Urlacher seem willing to answer over and over again was Cutler's lack of toughness. I applause their willingness to take the heat for their young quarterback, however I question their inability to see the NFC championship game with a clear vision. They gave not only Bear's fans ( who were there in person or watching on their TV's ) but thousands of other football fans tuning in the game the impression that what they saw was not exactly what was happening on the field or the Bear's sideline.

The question of Cutler toughness in my opinion was the wrong question to be ask. The guy was sacked over 50 time last season and got up to play another down. The real question here is what did they see in Jay Cutler that made them think trading two first round draft picks, a third rounder, and their starting QB Kyle Orton to the Denver Broncos for Cutler and a fifth round draft pick was needed to acquire a QB with no real history of winning in the NFL.

We are talking about a quarterback who hasn't won since his senior year in high school. And as we know winning breed's winning, so when you are 11&35 as a collage starting quarterback ( Vanderbilt ) and 3 games under 500 as a starting NFL quarterback at the time this trade was made; Bear's GM Jerry Angelo must have a keen since of foresight to look past those numbers and pay a price that should land you a top five quarterback. To think Angelo went into the trade blindly would be....well....wrong. At his press conference Angelo admitted the quarterback he traded for had a few red flags attacked to him, but call them bumps in the road. He refer to Cutler as a good guy and a good leader, I think he paid a lot to get good.

With hind sight being 20/20 it's easy for me to now say what were you thinking. But the question I'm asking is what did Jerry Angelo, Lovie Smith, and the Chicago Bears see in Jay Cutler that would make them think that anyone who saw the NFC championship game would not ask the same question. Jay Cutler came at a very high price, with that being said for Lovie Smith and Bear's management to in any way take such a hard defensive stand on the Cutler situation is just blind faith on their part. There are a lot of questions that came out of the NFC championship game and the one person who needs to man up and take his own heat seem unwilling to do so. One word answers and saying he only cared what his teammates think is asking a lot of Bears fans to forget what they witness on championship Sunday .

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