Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Time to move forward and give Palmer his wish.

Time to move forward and give Palmer his wish.

The Cincinnati Bengals need to do the right thing and help veteran QB Carson Palmer try and realize his dream. Why would a team hold a player Hostage who tell's them I don't want to play for you? The Bengals have become the joke of the NFL with the way they have handle the Carson Palmer situation. Palmer the number one over all draft pick in 2003 has stated he wants out of Cincinnati and is willing to retire if not granted a trade. With today's game looking to be all about the money, it's refreshing to see a player willing to walk away foregoing millions just for an opportunity to play for a team and with
teammates who about trying to win Super Bowls not self promotion.

Having endure 7 painful seasons with the Bengals with only two winning seasons and two playoff appearance and the constant distraction of Chad Ochocinco who wouldn't want to leave? Bengals owner Mike Brown has turn this request by Palmer into his own personal turf war, telling the QB to any trade. It's not as if we're talking about an elite quarterback in the NFL in Palmer asking to be traded, so why not trade him and get what you can and just move on. Why would an owner subject his team's to an atmosphere of discontent just to prove he has the upper hand? And now with the drafting of TCU's Andy Dalton and Georgia's AJ Green the Bengals can only help themselves out by letting go of not only Carson Palmer but also Chad Ochocinco, get their draft picks and start building for the future.

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