Monday, May 9, 2011

NFL Owners could win this fight if Judges rule in their favor.

NFL Owners could win this fight if Judges rule in their favor.

I've been told the man with the gold makes the rules, if ST Louis Judges grant Owners the permanent stay in their lockout hearing players will be at the mercy of the men who have the gold. The one thing NFL Owners have on their side is time, they have deep pockets and if they win in court there's the strong possibility they win on the field without taking a single snap. The players union took a huge risk when they decided to decertify and fight the Owners in court as individuals; because without the stay being lifted they don't have the luxury of time on their side.

In my opinion this will be the week that defines this labor negotiation. If NFL players are forced back to the negotiating table knowing there's no chance of football business without an agreement; I see no way they can outlast the Owners. The fact is without the lockout being lifted players have no ability to get paid, and as we have seen though out this has been a fight over money.

If the ST Louis Judges do rule in the Owners favor this week and this turn into a waiting game, I don't see players being able to forgo paychecks in order to stay in this battle. In this billion dollars game of chicken being played with the NFL Owners, NFL players may be force off the road if this ruling go's a-grist them this week.

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