Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rookies head coaches have not yet met their teams

Rookies head coaches have not yet met their teams

Hi my name is.......Hue Jackson, Ron Rivera, Pat Shurmur, Jim Harbaugh Mike munchak All rookies head coaches who have yet to meet their prospective teams.This NFL lockout has put an almost comical twist on the 2011 season. Theses five coaches have been working hard on next season's game plan, without even as much as a hand shake ( because of the no contact rule) with the players they're planing they're game plans around. Now I know Hue Jackson was part of the Oakland Raiders coaching staff last season as their offensive coordinator and know's most of his team; but going from coordinator to head coach take's on a different mind set for players.You go from being one of the guys to being the man. Mike Munchak has been with Tennessee Titans as their offensive line coach for over a decade, but like Jackson he's moving into the hot seat.

With training camps only two months away theses rookies will be at a huge disadvantage going into the 2011 season. Not only are they taking over troubled teams, they are doing it without the ability to get to know just how troubled the teams might be. If you add new Denver Bronco head coach John Fox into the mix ( who has NFL head coaching experience ) that give you six coaches who when this lockout is finally over; will have to spend the needed time they really don't have just introducing them-self's to players they don't know before they can proceed with the jobs they were hire to do. And Let's not forget to all of assistant coaches who come with theses new head coaches.

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