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What will be the fallout from this lockout?

What will be the fallout from this lockout?

The one thing we can all agree on is there will be an NFL season in 2011, the thing no one can foresee is what the fallout will be when an agreement is finally reach. Business is business, but when egos are involved who know's what damage will be left in the wake of this storm? Even if the Judges in ST Louis rule in the players favor this week and tell Owners to open their doors for business, there's going to be lasting scars from what now looks like a one sided fight.

At the end of any labor disagreement there is always some hard feeling on both sides, but there seem to be a totally difference atmosphere surrounding this particular labor situation. This is not a case of a league trying to save itself from financial ruin, ( aka NBA Basketball ) this is a league making money hand over fist and NFL Owners not like-ing the way the money is being spit. ( let us remember they sign this deal that they are now trying to run from )

The fallout thus far has hit mainly rookies draftees and rookies free agents trying to find teams that might give them a shot at their dream of playing NFL football. The rookies drafted are like nomads on an island with no where to go. They have a team no contract and without a signed contract, no safe way of working out with their new teammates. Coaches are caught in the fallout because trying to set their teams up for next season and as of this point not having worked with their rookies class; who know's what help they can be. The biggest fallout from this will be with the fans, how will fans really react to the Owners greed. People seem to think, for every fan that walks away there will be another one there to take his or her place. I say let's think about this for a moment, we are talking about second and third generation season ticket holder who give their kids and grand kids these tickets to go to a lot of theses game. And in today's economic climate how many of theses young families can afford to take over season tickets if mom and dad or even grandparents say their done with the NFL?

At the end of the day we all know there will be NFL football this season, there's to much money sitting on the table for there not to be. But even if this lockout Last another week or so, the damage already done may never be able to be un-done in a lot of fans eyes. If the Owners win their stay appeal and the Judges grant them the right to keep the players lockout until a settlement is reach; there's no telling how intense the fallout from this storm will get.

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