Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Timeline for NFL rookies.

Timeline for NFL rookies.

With NFL Owners and Players going through mandated negotiating again this week, there's a whole class of NFL drafted rookies and free agents rookies who are still waiting for a call from any NFL team that might want them, knowing the timeline for them is getting to the point of no return. This is the time of the year when rookies and free agents looking to hook up with a new team should be at training facility's around the NFL learning and show casing their skills for coaches. But instead here they sit waiting and watching with the rest of us tying to get some since of what the timeline might be for them to either start or continue their NFL careers.

I may not be a NFL coach, but as a long time die hard NFL fan I've seen enough football to know that the timeline to get theses rookies into camp so coaches might get some kind of production out of them; has gone past the halfway point. With June 7 being the next date for Owners and Players to continue their face to face talks, and both sides still taking a hard stand on their main talking point ( money ) the timeline for this year's rookies class could very well get push into the 2012 NFL season.

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