Saturday, May 7, 2011

What is the end game for NFL Owners?

What is the end game for NFL Owners?

Can anyone out there tell me what the Owners want to end this lockout? I for one am very confused as to what it will take for theses guy to open the doors and let coaches and players get back to their jobs of trying to win football games. Has it come down to a billion dollars or nothing? With all the interviews we've seen Rodger Goodell give on this lockout situation, I still have not heard what it's going to realistically take to end it.

The Owners are the ones who order the lockout, so they should be the ones who let NFL fans know what they need to lift the lock out. The Players have come out and let it be known they were happy with the deal they had in place, Owners gave notice two years ago they were opting out of the deal. There's a dollar amount that will get this deal done and I think the time has come to let everyone know what that amount is.

It's time the Owners let their end game be known and leave all the rhetoric to the politicians. No one is buying the betterment of the game speech anyway. Trying to take back something you gave of your own free will is bad enough, but doing it at gun point makes you look like a thief. If Owners want any kind of fan support they need to put away the gun ( this lockout ) and go back to the negotiating table with a total open door policy. Since this is suppose to be about making the game better for the fans, it's time the Owners and Rodger Goodell let the fans in on their end game. Fans know it's aways been about the billion dollars, so open up and let everyone know what it's going to take for this to end!!!

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