Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who's going to be # 2 in the NFC north next season?


Who's going to be # 2 in the NFC north next season?

I know there's going to be a lot of Bear's fans upset with me, but what the heck. With the Green Bay Packers clearly looking as if they are going to be favor to win another Super Bowl, the real question in the NFC north is who will be the second best team in the division? After having just won the NFC north last season one might think the Bears will be the team to challenge Green Bay for the division crown. But after last season's NFC championship game leadership meltdown and Jay Cutler not only having to prove to Bear fans but also to his own teammates that what we saw in his last game was just one of Jerry Angelo's so called bumps in the road and he is the right guy to lead them to a Super Bowl. Let's not forget Chicago won a lot of ugly games last season without a consistent offense. It could be a long year for the Bears if they can find a way to keep Jay Cutler on his feet and get better production out of their receiving core.

- The Detroit Lions took huge strides last season without their franchise quarterback. A 6&10 record doesn't sound like much, however they are only a few seasons removed from not having won a single game. The holes Lions needed to fill on their roster at the end of last season were not in my opinion address in this year's draft. So without as of now the ability to try and sure up their holes thought free agency or knowing how Matthew Stafford will be able to hold up after two injury shorten season, Detroit could be looking at another 6&10 season.

The Minnesota Vikings where do I start, no quarterback, no offensive line, bad secondary, aging D-line, and an average draft class at best. This has the look of a very ugly 2011 season for the Vikings, it's hard to believe this is the same team who only two season's ago were one bad pass away from maybe going to the Super Bowl. The Vikings are a prime example of why winning now at all cost can and will in most cases come back to bite you in the butt. The Brett Favre experience may have set the Vikings back 4 or 5 years. While they were trying to chase a Super Bowl with an aging Favre, their three counterparts in the NFC north let nature take it's course with young QB's.

The NFC north has the look of a division in transition from bottom to the top. The Detroit Lions have a ton of momentum going into next season and if, and that a big if Matthew Stafford can give them a full season than they in my opinion are the second best team in the NFC north. The Chicago Bears have some very important questions that need to be answer and the main one can only be answer by Jay Cutler. No matter how much of a united front they put on for their fans, there has to be a lingering affect going into next season. The Vikings may still make a move on one of the free agent quarterbacks out there after the lockout ends, but there is no Hall Of Famers out there this time around. I firmly believe the time has come for the Viking to stand pact and take their lumps for a season or two with the veteran QB's they have, and let their
Young first round draft pick ( Christian Ponder ) grow into the quarterback they hope he can be. Last suck's, but if there's a plan in place, even the most die hard of fans will get behind it.

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