Friday, May 20, 2011

The Minnesota Vikings are going to pay a huge price for the Favre factor ride.

The Minnesota Vikings are going to pay a huge price for the Favre factor ride.

How much is a chance to play in the Super Bowl worth and is getting to the door of the big game a good price to pay if it could mean years of rebuilding? Well the answer to that question will play itself out over the next few seasons in Minnesota. With a chance to get what they believed to be that missing piece for their first ever Super Bowl Championship, the Vikings decided to take a ride on the Brett Favre marry-go-round. It's not til an amusement ride is over that you fill the full affect that it might have on you and in this case your team. Now that the ride call the Favre factor is over we can now take a look back and see if it was worth getting on.

This ride didn't cost the Viking draft picks or players, but It just may have cost them any chance of being playoff relevant in the tough NFC north in the foreseeable future. The Favre factor wasn't a total dud of a ride, it was possibly one errant pass away from taking them to the place they wanted to go when they got on. And as that saying go's, close is for horseshoes and hand grenade it has become pretty obvious this ride was not worth the price of admission. Brad Childress like a few other NFL coaches before him ( Mike Sherman, Ray Rhodes, and Eric Mangini ) found the price of this ride was their jobs.

I don't know if former Green Bay Packer head coach Mike Holmgrem saw he had road this ride as far as he could and decided to get off before it took him to a place of no return; or power was his real reason for walking away from what looked to be a great marriage. Sorry I'm a Packer fan, don't know if I'm taking a shot at Holmgrem or Favre. The Vikings may not have paid a huge price to get on the Favre factor, however the price they look as if they might pay now that it's over may have Vikings fans sick to their stomachs for some seasons to come.

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