Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Permanent stay in place, time for NFL Players to cut their losses and make a deal.

Permanent stay in place, time for NFL Players to cut their losses and make a deal.

Now that the NFL Owners have gotten what they wanted with their win in court, and can now keep doors permanently locked to NFL Players this might be a good time for Players to take their best lost. With the three Judge panel voting 2-1 in favor of the Owners, it has all but seal the fate for the lockout players. with this loss and the Judges all but guaranteeing NFL Players another setback if the case comes back to them in June, the debunked players union need to know the Owners smell blood in the water. As I stated in my earlier post, the Owners are in it to win it. They have the money, now they also have time on their side as well.

It was the Players who wanted this to play out in a courtroom and now that it has backfired I hope they see the writing on the wall and realize the longer this plays-out the smaller their piece of the pie gets. Unless the NFL Players are really willing to forego paychecks to stay in this fight, they need to find a way to stop the bleeding. I don't think the Players understood the Owners knew they were going to look like the bad guys no matter where this thing played itself out. So when you're in to win it, I don't feel the Owners were under any disillusionment they would come out of this looking anything other than greedy and self-fuss. I don't think the NFL Owners are right, but I do think they have the best hand in this game. I'm not telling the Players to just fold and give into the Owners demands, however I do believe it time for them to count the chips they have in the pot and maybe think real hard about making a deal while there's still money in it.

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